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Fresher's is approaching... - Birmingham University Vegetarian Society
August 12th, 2005
03:37 pm


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Fresher's is approaching...
...(well in about a months time anyways). We have a stall on the 20th September. If anyone would like to help out please let me know. Also I've been getting material together for Freshers fayre. I've e-mailed animal aid, peta and quorn. This year I'll be without Laura and Nik as Nik has graduated and Laura is busy (I think anyways). Help at the stall would be great :)

I am also in the process of producing some material for Freshers fayre. Also, I'm hoping to set the date for out AGM on Monday 3rd of October if anyone is interested in running for a position.

The current postions can be found here.

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